A welcome popup makes it possible to send a personalized message to the new hire when he/she logs in for the first time. It's a great way to explain about the app and to welcome your new hire.

  • Go to the Course settings
  • Scroll down to menu item 5 'Welcome popup' and select the type of message (1. Image + text; 2. Video only; 3. Image + video + text)
  • Upload your image and/or video¬†

INFO: AppicalNow supports MP4 videos up to 35MB for the welcome pop-up and Order Video page. The limit is 90MB for the Video page. Please keep in mind that as the quantity of video's increases, the total load time of the app will increase aswell.

  • In case of the option 'Image' or 'Both'; write a welcome message in the text box. Note: the salutation is automatically filled in with 'Welcome [first name]'.
  • Scroll down and click Update
  • Open the course in Preview to see your popup message


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