In this tutorial you will learn you how to add a Background Image for your course. 

You can customize your course a lot more than the options that you were given while creating it. A background image will make your course look better instantly. 

*We recommend to use Google Chrome to ensure an optimal experience when using AppicalNow.

Step 1. Navigate to courses in the menu

Step 2. Click on the gear-icon in the top right corner of the course that you want to style and click on 'Styling'.

Step 3. Click on 'Choose Image' at 'Upload background image for your course'.
The optimal dimension for this image are 3000 pixels in width and 1693 pixels in height. 

If your image is larger than 3000 pixels in width and 1693 pixels in height, it's possible to crop the image that you have uploaded. To crop an image, click on 'Crop Image' after uploading an image and click on the crop-button (see image below).

If the size of your image if more than 2MB, you can use to reduce the size of the picture.


Make sure that the image that you want to crop is at least the same size as the dimensions shown below the ‘Choose Image’ option.

Step 4. To crop an image click on 'Crop Image'.

Step 5. Move the slider to the right to make the selection smaller, move it to the right to make te selection larger.

Step 6. Click on 'Crop'

Step 7. Click on 'save'.

Step 8. If your image happens to be smaller than 3000 pixels in width and 1693 pixels in height. You can choose a background color. Simply click on the field under 'Background Color' and a color palette wil show up.

Step 9. You can now either pick a color in the color palette or simply enter a HEX code in the textfield.

HEX color codes can contain all values between # 000000 and #FFFFFF. Do you not have web color codes available but do you know the RGB numbers? You can convert the HEX codes on this website:

Awesome! You now know how to upload a Background Image to for your course!

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