In this tutorial you will learn how to use the Blueprint Wizard to create a new course.

The Blueprint Wizard allows you to create a course by using pre-made templates based on best practises. Select the topics that you want to include in your course, change the names to your likings and start personalizing the content. Use our predesigned "topics" to compile your own experience. Using our best practises will make sure you hit the ground running.

We recommend to use Google Chrome to ensure an optimal experience when using AppicalNow.

Step 1. Alright, making a course. After logging in as an Administrator or Editor click on ‘Courses’ in the menu on the left.  

Step 2. Next, click on ‘Add A New Course’ and a new window will pop up.  

Step 3. Select 'Use Best Practice Templates' and click on the desired language.

Step 4. The Blueprint Wizard overview will appear with the default stories. 

The chapters are displayed in white blocks.

Step 5. You can change the names of the stories and chapters to your likings by clicking on the name and start typing.

Step 6. The chapters are empty by default as seen in the bottom right side of the white chapter blocks where it says '0 pages'.

To add content to a chapter you will have to drag content into a chapter. 

On the right side you will see the Library. Here you will find the so called 'Topics'. 

These Topics are a collection of pages that ... with the name of that particular Topic. The Topic 'Introductie' for example contains the following pages:

"Welcome colleague"

"About your onboarding"

"What do you expect"

Step 7. After dragging the desired Topics to the right Chapters, simply click on 'Finish'.

Step 8. Your course will be created. It will show 'Processing'. Refresh the page to see if the course has been created yet.

Step 9. After the course has been created, you can edit it to your preferences by clicking on the gear icon and change the settings and the styling.

Awesome! You now know how to use the Blueprint Wizard!

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