It's possible to have user managers that can only see the data and profiles of users that are assigned to the same group as that the user managers. Click here to see a tutorial on creating groups.  This is especially useful for companies that have several offices. This way the user managers can only see new hires of their own office for example.

The 'External Manager' feature is disabled by default. If you would like to use this feature please let us know by sending an email to or hit us up via the chat. 

Inviting New User Managers

Step 1. Once we enabled the 'External Manager' feature for your organization, invite a User Manager using the 'Single Invite' ( 1 user at the time) or the 'CSV Import' (Multiple Users at the same time) option. 

Step 2. Select the group(s) during the the invitation process.

Adding groups to existing User Managers

Step 1. Assign the User Manager to the same group as the users that he/she has to see in his/her User Management and Reporting. 

Click on User Management in the menu on the left.

Step 2. Search for the User Manager in the search bar and click on his/her name to open the profile.

Step 3. Click on the arrow at 'Groups' and a dropdown menu will appear.

Step 4. Select a group or several groups in the dropdown menu to assign the User Manager to the group(s). 

Step 5. Click on 'Save'.

Hooray! You now know how to create an External User Manager!

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