This feature allows you to create and edit complete Stories while on draft mode, and then releasing them to your users with one click. 

*Note: The 'Story Unlocked email' will not be send once you set a Story from 'draft' to 'live'. The mail will only be send with the time based unlocking feature.

**We recommend to use Google Chrome to ensure an optimal experience when using AppicalNow.

Step 1.
Navigate to courses in the menu, and select the course with the Stories you'd like to edit. 

Step 2. In the Stories menu page, click on the gear-icon in the top right corner of the Story you want to edit and select ‘Settings’.

Step 3. Notice the status bar? click on the arrow in the right corner!

Step 4. Click on 'Draft' to set your Story in draft mode. 

Step 5. Click on 'save changes' and Voila! Your Story is now set to draft mode.  
The yellow dot in the bottom left corner of the Story, shows that it's in draft mode.

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