The HR Forms function enables your HR department to collect all the needed information from a new hire automatically and directly through the app. Users (new hires) will see the questions on the dashboard on their devices. After they answer the questions, their answers can be found in Reporting, under the ‘HR Forms reporting option’.
Here is what you have to do to get the HR Forms up and running!

First: create a template!

Step 1. In User Management, click on Manage Forms.

Step 2. Click on 'CREATE FORM' to start creating an HR Form template.

Step 3. Type the name of your new template in the text field next to 'Title'. Give it a clear name so it will be easy to find in the future.

Step 4. You can compose your own questions or use default questions from the 'bank' on the bottom right part of the page.

To compose your own customized question, drag the elements from the right part of the page and drop it in the fitting information section (Personal, Job or Emergency Contact) on the left side of the page. Then fill in your text.

To use the default questions, simply choose one from the bank and drop it in the desired section.

Step 5. Click on 'Save'.  Yay, your template is now ready to use!
Your templates will be shown here:

Then: Assign a Template to a user

When your template is ready, you need to assign it to a user in order for the questions to show up on their dashboard. 

When inviting a user via single invite, the screen 'add a form template' will show up after the screen where you can assign the user to a group. 

While creating an Open Invite or a CSV Invite file, you can select the form template in the dropdown menu at 'Form Template'.

By default an email will be sent to the user that created the form, once a form has been completed by a user. If you click on 'Recipients' you can add additional recipients of this email. 

A preview of this mail can be found below.

HR Forms from you new hires side

Upon logging in, your new hires will see the form that you created at the top of their dashboard. 'Complete the requested info' with the name of the form below. If they click on the arrow button on the right, they will start filling in the form.

After clicking on the arrow, the form will pop up. The user can click on 'Start' to start answering the questions.

The questions will be shown one at a time:

Download responses on HR Forms

Next up, get your insights and download the responses users gave on the HR Forms.

Step 1. Go to 'Reporting' in the menu in the Editor and select the 'HR Forms' reporting option.

Step 2. A screen will appear with the following info:

  • Date completed: displays the date on which the form was completed by the user whose name is displayed at 'name'.
  • Will expire in: displays the date until the data will be expired (this is always 30 days after the day at 'Date completed'. 
  • Name: Displays the name of the user that filled in the form
  • Email: Displays the email address of the user that filled in the form
  • Template used: displays the name of the template filled in by the new hire
  • Status: shows whether the user completed the form or is still busy

Step 3. Download the data  
Clicking on the arrow button (⬇️) will start a download of an Excel (.xslx) file with two columns. Column 1 displays the questions from the template and Column 2 displays the answers given by the user.

Voila! you can now start automating your paperwork! 

Welcome to the future of HR 🚀

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