So you created some templates with various sets of questions, and now you want to assign them to new users you are going to invite to the app. How? that is super easy!

First, make sure you saved the template you created. Then, go User Management and click on Add Users.

Assigning forms with Single Invite

When inviting a user via single invite, the screen 'add a form template' will show up after the screen where you can assign the user to a group. 

Assigning forms with Multiple User invite

When creating an Open Invite or a CSV Invite file, you can select the form template in the dropdown menu at 'Form Template'.

Continue with the rest of the invitation process as it is, and click Save.

Bam! you have now assigned HR Forms to your new hire! 👏🏻
They will see them on the dashboard when first logging in the app. 

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