Signed PDF documents can be downloaded at the Signing section. Documents will be saved for 30 days, after which they expire and can't be downloaded through Appical anymore. Other retention rules apply for Docusign itself, see this article for more information: 

Step 1. Go to Signing in the menu

You will see an overview of the sent documents. Sent documents will be shown for 60 days after the date that it was sent.

  • Date received: displays the date on which the form was received by the user whose name is displayed at 'name'.
  • Name: Displays the name of the user that received the document
  • Email: Displays the email address of the user that received the document
  • Status: shows if a document is created, sent, completed or expired. 
  • Download file: you can download the signed file here. The files will be downloaded in a .ZIP file that contains the signed document and a Certificate of Completion. This Certificate provides complete details of the envelope events and the executed Consumer Disclosure. The Signer Events section provides details about each signer on the document, including the signer's IP address and other identifying information, signature image, and event timestamps.

For more information, see

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