Click here to see the map we will be building throughout the tutorial

By using an interactive map to engage your new hires you can get them acquainted with their new surroundings.

This guide will teach you how to create such an interactive map by linking Google Maps with an embed page in the AppicalNow editor.

Let's get started!

Step 1: How do I start creating a map?

Go to and follow the following steps: 

Step 2: Filling in the map

1: Add the name and description of your map, this will also appear to your users in AppicalNow.

2: Create layers to group various points of interest together on your map. In this example, we have created one POI, the Appical office. Later we will add other POIs like local restaurants and cash machines in the neighborhood. Each layer can also be styled using colors to identify different types of locations.  

3: Search for places, in the same way you would with Google Maps. If you wish to point out an area that hasn't already been identified, simply mark the point on the map and presto, you've created your own secret spot to share with your users. You can also add a text for each location to describe it further.

Looking nice, huh?

Step 3: Exporting it to AppicalNow 

Once you've marked all the locations you wanted in your map, it's time to share the wealth with your users in AppicalNow.

It is possible you will receive the following error the first time you try to retrieve the embed code:

To fix this issue, take the following steps:

Save the changes and go back to where you left off:

Copy the newly generated code and let's continue.

Step 4: Adding it to your AppicalNow course 

Create an Embed page in your chapter and paste the embed code in the text field that shows 'Paste your code here'.  

Create/update your page, and voila!
You now have an interactive map in your AppicalNow course.

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