There is a cool, simple way to connect glossary items to pages in the user journey. This will allow your users to click on a highlighted word/item and see its meaning without leaving the page. So, how can you do this? 

Step 1: Add the item to your glossary 

If you already have the item in your glossary, continue to step 2.

Set the title and description of your Glossary item. The title you put in is important because this will have to be used in your text later on. 

Step 2: Create the link

Once the item was created in the glossary, go to the page in which you want to use that word. In the text, type the word as so: g:yourword:g . You can use it both in the title and the text field.
In the example below, the glossary item is the word Lunch.

Step 3:
Save the changes in the page and check out the player! The glossary item word will be clickable. Click on it to reveal the meaning. 

That's it!
Your glossary items can now be reached from anywhere throughout the user journey! 

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