Passwords are a first line of protection against any unauthorized access into your personal account. The stronger the password, the higher level of protection your account has from hackers other unauthorized persons.

Safety is a high priority, after all your account is personal and customized to you  and we don’t want your company’s info to be accessible to anyone else but their employees. That's why we’ve chosen to have a strong password policy. 

Our password policy requires you to set a password of at least 12 characters and has to include uppercase characters (A, B, C etc.), lowercase characters (a, b, c etc.), base digits (0, 1, 2, 3 etc.) and nonalphanumeric characters (!, @, #, $, &, ? etc.) A dash ( - ) is not considered as a nonalphanumeric character and therefor can't be used in a password.

An example for a password will be: Welcome!2017

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