In this tutorial you will learn you how to make and set up a new course. A course has a collection of stories which will help your new hires with their onboarding process. 

If you see AppicalNow like a library, courses are like bookcases. Next in line are stories, you can see them as the books. Course → Story → Chapter → Page

A course is basically a collection of stories, which has chapters in it and the chapters have pages.

*We recommend to use Google Chrome to ensure an optimal experience when using AppicalNow.

Step 1. Alright, making a course. After logging in as an Administrator or Editor click on ‘Courses’ in the menu on the left.  

Step 2. Next, click on ‘Add A New Course’ and a new window will pop up.  

Step 3. Give your course a name at the text field under 'Course Name'. We recommend to pick a name that will be descriptive of the course’s contents or one that suits your company well. For example, if Batman chooses to retire and decides to give Robin a training to become the new Batman he could name the course ‘Becoming Batman’.

Step 4. Next up is uploading an fitting image for your new course. Click on 'Choose Image' 

The optimal dimension for this picture is 230 pixels in width and 190 pixels in height and can’t be larger than 1MB.

If your image is larger than 230 pixels in width and 190 pixels in height, it's possible to crop the image that you have uploaded. To crop an image, click on 'Crop Image' after uploading an image and click on the crop-button (see image below).

Draw a square with the tool to make a selection. If you selected the area that you want to use, click on the green ✔ button. And click on 'save' to use it.

Step 5. Select the desired language in the dropdown menu at 'Languages'. The standard texts like the highlighted words in the picture below will appear in the selected language. In this example we chose German.

Step 6. Select 'Enable' at 'Dashboard (Player) if you want your new hires to see their progress in a dashboard like the image above shows. We advise to enable the dashboard as it gives the user a nice report on their scores and progress.

Step 7. Appical allows you to decide when you want to make course available, this is can be done at 'Lock/Unlock Course Hierarchy'. You can choose to make a specific course available only when a previous course is finished for a certain percentage and/or when a user has required a certain score. This option makes it possible to make a story available only when all other stories are completed completely or until a point that you decide. Take a look at the example below.

I selected that this course is only available when the user fully completed the course ‘Support Appical’ and has a score of 100%. 

Step 8. At 'Lock/Unlock Chaper Hierarchy' you can decide whether you want all chapters to be visible and accessible instantly or by completing, for example, the current chapter first. In the example below, the option to lock the page hierarchy is unlocked. The user can acces ‘Your First Steps’ before he/she fully completed  ’A Brand New Day’.

Step 9.You can choose to remind users to activate this course at 'Remind users to activate the course' to send an email to a user if they didn’t activate or complete a course within a set amount of days. Not everyone’s inbox of their email account is as organized as they wished it would be. It can happen that the email with the invitation to a course gets buried in a cluttered inbox or that a user forgot about the course and therefore didn't finish it in the set amount of days.

Click on the arrow under  to the '-' and select a number. The reminder email will be send after the set amount of days. In the example below, the users will receive the reminder if they didn't activate this course after 10 days.

Step 10. Click on the text field at 'Runtime' and enter the amount of days that you want this course to be available to user. For example, if you want to make this course available to your users for one month. You will have to type '30' in this field.

Voila, you’ve just created a new course!

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