In this tutorial you will learn how to add a glossary to your menu.

You can easily add a glossary or word list in the editor. There are two ways to do this. It’s possible to add one word at the time. A quicker way is to import an excel file. This file has to consist out of two columns. The first column has to contain all of the words that have to be explained. The second column should contain the explanations. 

*We recommend to use Google Chrome to ensure an optimal experience when using AppicalNow.

Step 1. Click on ‘Courses’ in the menu on the left.   

Step 2. Next, click on ‘editor’ in the bottom left corner of the course where you want to add a glossary.  

Step 3. Click on ‘Menu Items’

Step 4. Click on ‘Add a menu item’ 

Step 5. Enter the name the desired name for your new glossary. To keep things clear I went with… drumroll… ‘Glossary’. Choose ‘Glossary’ again at the dropdown menu and click on ‘create’. 

Step 6. We’re almost there. An empty glossary is like an empty wallet, not much of use. The next step will be adding words. Head over to the new menu item that you just created and click on the button that says view. 

Step 7. Click on the button that says ‘Add Word’ 

Step 8. It’s possible to sort the words by category so all the words that fit in the same category are grouped. In the next step we will learn you how to make categories. Fill in the word that you want to add next and add a description underneath. Done? Simply click on ‘Create’ and ta-da you just added your first word into your new glossary.

Step 9. As promised, we will learn how to make different categories to organize the glossary a little bit. At the top right side of the screen you will see a button that says categories. Click the button and a new window will pop up. 

Step 10. Click on ‘add a category’, type the name of the new category and click on ‘add’.

You can drag the categories to set them in the desired order. Dragging a category all the way to the right will give you a pop up that asks if you want to delete the category. 

 Awesome! You now know how to add a glossary to your menu!

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