In this tutorial you will learn how to add multiple users by using the CSV import option. 

The CSV import allows you to import a CSV (or excel) file with users.
In addition to the basic user information (name, email, start/deactivation date) you can also assign groups and add contextual tags to multiple users.
This feature is very useful when you would like to invite large groups at once.  

*We recommend to use Google Chrome to ensure an optimal experience when using AppicalNow.

Step 1. Get your user data file ready!

Your excel (or Google Spreadsheet or Numbers) file should be in the same format as displayed below. 

Column A: First name
Column B: Family name
Column C: Email
Column D: User's first day (yyyy-mm-dd)
Column E: User’s Last day. It's possible to give either a specific date or the number of the number of days till the user’s account will be archived.
Column F: Group ids (if applicable)
Column G,H,I: Contextual tags (if applicable)

You can have make your own file or download the sample file and fill it in.
To find the sample file go to User Management >> Add Users >> CSV import.

Filling in Group ID’s

Group id is the numerical code that identifies your group in the system.
It is located right below the group name.
You can find it in the group overview, see this tutorial on how to get there. 

Got more than one group?
Use the ' ; ' sign to separate between multiple ids.

Filling in Contextual Content Tags 

Contextual Content makes it possible to show a new hire solely the content that is of interest to them. Do you have specific content for a country, office or job profile? You can offer new hires a fitting experience with this feature, without creating separate courses. A custom-built onboarding that is still scalable!
After filling in the column, the tags will automatically be assigned to the users.
Got more than one tag? the ' ; ' sign works here, too.
Want to add or edit tags in your course? This tutorial will show you how. 

Step 2. Create your CSV file:
After filling in all your information, save your data file as a CSV-file: Simply click on 'Save as' (or 'Download as' in Google Spreadsheets or ‘Export to’ in Numbers) and select 'Save as CSV (Comma-seperated values).

Yay, your CSV file is ready for import! Now let's get the invitations going. 

Step 1. Click on User Management in the menu on the left.

Step 2. Click on Add Users in the top right of the screen.

Step 3. Click on add users and select the third option; 'CSV import'. 

Step 4. Choose the role that you want to assign to the new user.
Options are: Viewer, Editor, Manager, Admin, User Manager.

You can find more information on the different kinds of roles here.

To send the invitation mail not right away but at a later point in time, you can select the date and time you want the invitation to be sent, and the email will head out to your new user accordingly.

*If you select a date and/or time in the past, it will send the invite right away.

Note: All times are in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Use this website to calculate the time in your region based on GMT.

Step 5. Fill in the the form that will pop up and click on the next button.

Step 6. Select the course(s) that you want to assign to the users. It's possible to select a date too. This date will be used instead of the 'First Day' at time based unlocking of stories (see this tutorial)

Step 7. Click on 'Choose File' to upload your CSV/Excel file.
AppicalNow only supports CSV-files, XLS-files or XLSX-files.

Hooray! You know how to invite users by using our CSV import option!

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