In this tutorial you will learn how to add an Info Spot page.

The Info Spot page allows you to provide a portion of an image with additional information. The sections of information are displayed in the image using  a light gray layer. Clicking on the image (tablet) or hovering over it with the mouse will show the user information. This can be very useful with images of a map. Certain spots may be added to designate locations.

*We recommend to use Google Chrome to ensure an optimal experience when using AppicalNow.

Step 1. Click on ‘Courses’ in the menu on the left. 

Step 2. Navigate to the course where you would like to add a new page. Click on the button that says ‘Editor’ the bottom left corner of the desired course. 

Step 3. Next, select the story where you want to add a new page.

Step 4. Select the chapter in the menu on the left. 

Step 6. Choose ‘Info spot' in the menu on the left and click on the button that says ‘Add page’ in the bottom right corner. 

Step 7. Select the desired language and give your page a title. 

Step 8. Pages are set to ‘live’ by default but can be set to draft. Draft pages can be very helpful when you’re working on a page while new hires are already using AppicalNow. Click on 'Live' and select 'Draft' to change the setting.

Step 10. Once you upload an image, click to add your info spots and write a short explanation for each. The explanation will show when a user hovers over the info spot (on desktop) or clicks on it (on mobile). 

Amazing! You now know how to add an Info Spot page!

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