It's possible to remind users to come back to a specific course in the app on maximum three different moments in the runtime (duration of the course in number of days) based on the percentage of progress.
Both, the moment in the runtime as the percentage of progress are adjustable. This can be different for every customer. How do you decide on this?

  • Analyse the reports on average progress numbers per chapter;
  • Look at important touch points during the employee journey in the onboarding phase. What are important moments in time to be reminded when users are lagging behind?

*We recommend to use Google Chrome to ensure an optimal experience when using AppicalNow.

When a user matches one of these rules, he/she will receive an automated e-mail from the organization in AppicalNow. See example e-mail below.

Step 1. Navigate to courses in the menu

Step 2. Click on the gear-icon in the top right corner of the course that you want to style and select ‘Settings’.

Step 3. Scroll down until you see 'Runtime'. The number that you set here is the ideal amount of days in which a user completes this course.

Step 4. Make sure that the 'Course completion reminder' is enabled.

Step 5. It's time to set the actual reminders now. Choose on which day and at what progress percentage the first reminder will be send to the user. In the example below, the user will receive an email if his/her progress of that course is less than 10% after 7 days.

Set the dates and progress percentage for the other two reminders as well.

Hooray! You now know how to set 

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