In this tutorial you will learn how to change your course settings and set them to your preferences.

While creating a course you have the possibility to set a few basic settings. You can change a lot more settings at 'Course Settings'. 

*We recommend to use Google Chrome to ensure an optimal experience when using AppicalNow.

Step 1. Navigate to courses in the menu

Step 2. Next, click on the hamburger-icon in the top left corner of the desired course and click on 'settings'.

Step 3. Give your course a name at the text field under 'Course Name'. We recommend to pick a name that will be descriptive of the course’s contents or one that suits your company well. 

Step 4. Next up is uploading an fitting image for your new course. Click on 'Choose Image' 

The optimal ratio for this picture is 4:3 and can’t be larger than 1MB.

To crop an image click on 'Crop Image'.

Step 4.1 Move the slider to the right to make the selection smaller, move it to the right to make te selection larger.

Step 4.2 Click on 'Crop'

Step 4.3 Click on 'save'.

Step 5. Next is setting a Banner Image. The optimal ratio for this image is 7:3, the maximum size of this file is 2MB. We recommend to add your company logo in this image as well as this image is shown at the dashboard. If a Welcome Image (see below) is set, the Banner Image will be overruled by the Welcome Image.

Step 6. Upload your company logo. The logo will be displayed at the ‘Knowledge’ section in mobile. We recommend to use a .PNG-file and upload an image that has a transparent background.

*Note: At the moment the logo is only shown in the Knowledge Base in the Mobile app.

Step 7. Choose whether you want to add a welcome message or not. We wrote a tutorial that explains how to add a welcome message to your course. You can find it here

  • Image: This image is shown in the dashboard, just below the banner image. Uploading an image here will overrule the image set at ‘Banner Image’.The optimal ratio for this image is 7:3, the maximum size of this file is 2MB. 
  •  Video: This video is shown in the dashboard, just below the banner image. You can use this video to give your new hires a warm welcome or a short introduction to the company. 
  • Both: If you want to add both, a welcome image and a welcome video. Select ‘Both’ and upload a video and an image. 
  • Welcome Message Text Use this field to write a welcome message for your users, it’s displayed just below the welcome video/image.

Step 8. Select the desired language from the dropdown menu under 'Languages'. Note that some standard texts in the app (such as buttons etc.) show in the player in the language that is selected in your browser or smartphone language settings, i.e NOT the language you defined in the course setting.

Step 9. Appical allows you to decide when you want to make course available, this is can be done at 'Lock/Unlock Course Hierarchy'. You can choose to make a specific course available only when a previous course is finished for a certain percentage and/or when a user has required a certain score. This option makes it possible to make a story available only when all other stories are completed completely or until a point that you decide. Take a look at the example below.

I selected that this course is only available when the user fully completed the course ‘Support Appical’ and has a score of 100%. 

Step 10. At 'Lock/Unlock Chapter Hierarchy' you can decide whether you want all chapters to be visible and accessible instantly or whether they will become available one by one, depending on completion of previous chapters. If you select ‘Hierarchy Unlocking’ the next chapter will not be available until the previous chapter is completed.

Step 11. You can remind users to activate this course and send an email to a user if they didn’t activate or complete a course within a set amount of days. The first reminder email will be sent 2 days after the day the invitation was sent. Following, the number you set here defines the amount of reminder emails a user receives, starting from the day they were invited until the moment they create an account. For example: 10 = 10 emails in total, 1 per day.

Step 12. If you would like your new hires to finish a course in a certain amount of days, you can send them reminders to complete the course in case they are falling behind. At Runtime you can set the preferred amount of days for course completion or in other words, it is the ideal time for a user to complete the course.

Step 13. If you decided to set a runtime, it’s possible to send email reminders to users if they’re lagging behind on a course. You can set a total of 3 reminders based on the amount of days and the progress (in %) in your determined runtime.
We wrote a tutorial on this specific option. You can find the tutorial here.

Step 14. It's possible to choose whether standard mails are being send to users or not. This is adjustable per mail. Select the checkbox next to the mail to enable that mail to be send to the users in that course.

Step 16. It's possible to inform your users about certain events by sending them push notifications. You can set the trigger and edit the content of the Push Notifications. Check this tutorial on how to set the Push Notifications.

Hooray! You now know how to edit the Course Settings to your preferences.

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