One of the most effective ways to engage your users is to visualize your content. A text is way more powerful when it’s accompanied by the right visuals. Once you have found the perfect image to accompany your text it’s time to make sure it will fit in the app’s template. If you upload an image that is not the specified height and width, it's possible to crop the image that you have uploaded

The Editor has some functionalities in place to crop your images. Because most images have a different resolution than the Player requires we always recommend to crop your images.

So how can you crop your image?

Once you’ve uploaded a picture in the Editor a ‘crop image’ button appears below the image. Please note that the button only appears when uploading a new image.


Make sure that the image that you want to crop is at least the same size as the dimensions shown below the ‘Choose Image’ option.

If the image is smaller or you start you include an area that is not part of the original image (shown as white) the areas that are not part of the original image will be filled up with black. See the example below.

Will lead to:

Step 1. To crop an image click on 'Crop Image'.

Step 2. Click on the crop-button.

Draw a square with the tool to make a selection. If you selected the area that you want to use, click on the green ✔ button. And click on 'save' to use it.

Awesome! You now know how to crop an image!

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