Most pages in AppicalNow have a description. The goal of the description varies from page to page. On interactive pages it might function as an explainer of the question the follows, on other pages it can be there to inform. 

Whatever the function of the description field is, try to keep it as short as possible, users usually don't enjoy long texts.

A good description is:

  • relevant
  • short
  • to the point
  • attractive

We constructed a few tips to make your content highly engaging:

Make it short, keep it mobile!
There is no point in overwhelming your new hire with long boring texts. Assuming they have a few days to get up to speed, and are probably reading everything on a mobile device you should definitely keep your texts short. Lose as many words as possible, don’t write lengthy sentences but challenge yourself to expunge all dispensable words. Lengthy sentences will drag on and as a result you’ll bore people. And being bored is something we wouldn’t want your new hire to be! Obviously all your sentences need to be easily understandable without making it childish.

If you really feel like your new hire should have the possibility to read the whole (lengthy) story you can extract the most important elements on the main screen and hide the rest under the info button.

Keep it structured, keep it catchy!
It is also important that you bring structure into your texts. Structure helps your new hire memorise your paragraphs better and nothing makes a user want to skip a page quicker than a huge wall of text. And if a new hire isn’t interested by the first few lines of your text he or she will intuitively move on to the next sub-title or attention grabbing headline. Keeping paragraphs short will ensure he or she won’t miss too much. Catchy sub-headings will also show that you have a structured outline in which you’ve put thought into how its arranged and how you’ve laid it out. You can structure by using the following elements:

  • titles and sub-titles
  • paragraphs
  • blank lines
  • bullets

Make it personal
To make your text more personal be sure to maintain the second person writing style by using words like ‘you’, ‘your’ and ‘yours’. Below a few examples:

  • Welcome to Appical Inc.. Today you will get to know the organisation with the help of an iPad. We wish you a lot of fun with the Appical Inc. Experience.
  • Now that you have learned more about Appical Inc., it is time that you meet some new colleagues. Go get a cup of coffee with a colleague and share your experience below.
  • Everybody has a different idea of the ideal workplace. How does a ideal worksplace looks like according to you? Share your opinion below.
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