To create a multi-user report, open the reporting tab and select one of the two given options; Detailed or Summary. For a detailed explanation of the difference, read this article.

To generate a multi-user report begin by choosing the level of detail you require, either detailed or summary. Next, click on the Select button under the detailed sections and proceed to the Latest Stats page. This gives, in three steps, the option to generate a report about progress and performance. 

The first step is to select the course that you would like to create a report on (note: this type of report only supports one course at the time). 

Selecting a course will open up the next step, selecting users. Selecting your user can be done one by one or via groups. We will explain both options below.

One by one
Users can be selected one by one using the checkboxes, or all together using the 'select all' button on the top left of the page. 

To narrow down the list of users you can use the search function or the 'created between (date) and (date) ' function. The created between function will allow you to set a time span of user created between the two selected dates. 

Example: if you only would like to include users created in February 2017, your selection should be February 1st till February 28th.

To select groups, switch the user selection criteria from 'Users' to 'Groups'. The groups created in User Management will now show. Behind the group name, you will also see the number of users belonging to that group (in brackets). If you don't want the whole group to be included in the report you can update the filter on the top right (the 'users created between' filter). Updating the filter will result in a sub-selection that only includes users within the groups that match the newly created filter parameters.

When your user selection matches your requirements click Generate to create the report.

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