There are three ways to add a new user, by single invite, open invite and by CSV-invite. In this tutorial you will learn how to add a new user by using the single invite option.

*We recommend to use Google Chrome to ensure an optimal experience when using AppicalNow.

Step 1. Navigate to User Management in the menu.

Step 2. Click on 'Add Users' in the top right of the screen.

Step 3. Select Single Invite

Step 4. Choose the role that you want to assign to the new user. You can choose for

  • Viewer
  • Editor
  • Manager
  • Admin
  • User Manager

*You can find more information on the different kinds of roles here

Step 5. Fill in the fields in the screen that will pop up and click on the next button.

Step 6. Select the courses where you want to assign the new user to. He/she will receive an invitation to the selected courses by mail. 

Step 7. Select the groups where you want to assign the new user to. You can assign someone to multiple groups.

Step 8. A window will pop up with two options. 

Send Invite
If you select 'Send Invite' the user will receive the email below. With the name of your organization and the course that you've created.

Get Invitation Code
If you select "get invitation code" it will generate a code that you can paste this code into a more personal email for example. Make sure that you add the link as well.

You can also copy the 'Direct Link' and paste this in an email. If a user clicks on the link, the code will be entered in the textfield already. The user only has to click on 'Verify' and can create his/her password afterwards.

Congratulations! You know how to add an user by using Single Invite.

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