The CSV import allows you to import an CSV (or excel) file with users. This feature is very useful when you would like to invite large groups at once. 

Step 1.
Open user management.

Step 2.
Click on add users and select the third option; 'CSV import'. 

Step 3.
Select the role, group and course(s) you would like to give your new users access too. If you want different users to get access to different courses you will need to upload separate files. 

Step 4.
Upload your CSV/Excel file. Your file should have the format as displayed below.

Column A: First name
Column B: Family name
Column C: Email
Column D: User's first day (yyyy/mm/dd)
Column E: Last day (day users account will be archived). It's possible to either give a number of days or a specific date. 

You will receive an email once your import is completed!

Good luck!

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